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Waarom ik?

What is the name of your shop?

Steelrose Jewelry

Tell us something about your products:

I make and sell bohemian grunge jewelry. I take inspiration from mysticism, witchcraft and nature. I love to work with raw crystals and silver materials. At Steelrose you can find everything from simplistic moon chokers, to witchy pendulum necklaces, ornate crystal necklaces and chunky crystal chain chokers. Everything is handmade and can be customized for a perfect fit!

For how long have you been doing this, and do you have experience on markets?

Steelrose Jewelry was founded in 2014, but I have been making jewelry for 4 years. I mainly sell my jewelry online, but I have also sold my pieces on local markets and AttitudeFest in 2016.

Website/Facebook/Instagram: / /

Why do you want a spot on the AttitudeFest market?

Steelrose's grunge jewelry with a witchy vibe appeals to a wide alternative audience. Customers may also request unique custom pieces which I'll be able to make on the spot. I had an amazing time at AttitudeFest last year meeting lots of lovely people, and I would love to do it again this year!


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Naam: Breaking Rocks
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