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De stemming is gesloten.

Waarom ik?


Kotone Cosplay en Rini Cosplay

Geboorte datum

04-09-1993 en 27-03-1992

Kom je op zaterdag of zondag en als Solo of Duo?

Zondag Duo

Welke personage cosplay je?

The Joker en Harley Quinn

Uit welke franchise is het personage afkomstig?

DC Comics, fanart design by NoFlutter

Omschrijf je act.

Uitbeelden van de relatie tussen de Joker en Harley op ironische wijze, waaronder moordpogingen


Top 3


Naam: Brian Industries from Dutch Cosplay Couple
Woonplaats: ETTEN-LEUR
Leeftijd: 22
27 pnts | 10 votes | 0 likes
Naam: Sheres cosplay
Leeftijd: 23
25 pnts | 11 votes | 0 likes
Naam: Amanda Noteboom
Woonplaats: ROTTERDAM
Leeftijd: 22
17 pnts | 6 votes | 0 likes
Naam: Crescent Crimson Dragon
Woonplaats: Voorschoten
Leeftijd: 20
1 pnt | 1 vote | 0 likes
Naam: jacqueline de Waal
Woonplaats: Amsterdam
Leeftijd: 53
0 pnts | 0 votes | 0 likes
Naam: Anthony G Boardman
Woonplaats: Preston
Leeftijd: 24
0 pnts | 0 votes | 0 likes

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Bigirimana zei:
I love these guys
Lewerissa zei:
Leuk! Ik hoop dat jullie door gaan! Groetjes Oom Feeb
de Wilde zei:
I love this group, it has so much enthousiasm. I really like the colours they use in their band, I personally think blue really matches the boy's hair colour. I also think this is not the best song they did because the girl in the back didn't threw her stick in the air, which really bothered me, you should also check out their youtube channel (LeftInSuspenseBand). I think the girl who flips the stick has a tutorial channel also, a few examples of her videos would be: How to show off in public or How to look ridiculously good at playing the drums. The girl that sings does a really good job with clapping along when she needs to. Though the boy didn't do that as well which was oddly disappointing. He should have played the bass-guitar as well, because it looked kinda silly. I want to give my compliments to the fully improvised song lyrics. bye


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