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Waarom ik?

What is the name of your shop?


Tell us something about your products:

My products are my artwork design available on originals, posters, prints, stickers and t-shirt and my own ongoing stories published online. I myself am a starting 2D animator and artist, but I am an enthusiast in everything else. Which includes my selling products and working on commissions (only through conventions).

For how long have you been doing this, and do you have experience on markets?

Although I've been drawing, painting, writing and animating for years. Going to conventions and throwing myself out in public is very recent for me. So my experience in the market is very little. Also, although I am an easy going, I do get quit afraid around new people. However, I do love the positive compliments and new connections I received so far at other conventions.


Why do you want a spot on the AttitudeFest market?

Someone described my artwork perfectly by calling it 'Modern Romanticism'. There is a hint of Goth, Punk, Bdsm, Alternative, Fantasy, Folklore and Mythology in all my subjects. Simply because I am intrigued by all these subjects. And having been at the AttitudeFest, I believe I can find fellow enthusiasts and make create connections with fellow artists. So I hope there is a spot somewhere for me.


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Naam: Breaking Rocks
Leeftijd: 49
Naam: SUZE
Woonplaats: Leusden
Leeftijd: 28
Naam: Hexbomb
Leeftijd: 23
Naam: Isabel
Woonplaats: AERDT
Leeftijd: 20
Naam: Breaking Rocks
Leeftijd: 49
Naam: SUZE
Woonplaats: Leusden
Leeftijd: 28

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Francis Pronk zei:
Omdat ik bij een van de eerste concerten van Enter Shikari was in Nederland (in 2007 in Waterfront Rotterdam) en ik volg de band sindsdien.
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they are Amazing !!!!


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